Crucible of Gold just gave us a gay, disabled character who captains a massive dragon and her crew.

And this series of books keeps exploring other cultures in a reasonably respectful manner all the while highlighting the shittiness of colonialism and imperialism.

Also, dragon civil rights movement.

Seriously, just read the Temeraire books.

Please, and thank.

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Today I didn’t sketch. I crunched some numbers.


Today I didn’t sketch. I crunched some numbers.

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Théodule Ribot, Witches, 19th century


Théodule Ribot, Witches, 19th century

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actually me tho


actually me tho

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me trick-or-treatin


me trick-or-treatin


The rotation of Earth really makes my day!

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Diane Keaton ❤


Diane Keaton 

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pizza-kitys questions for me:

1. if you could be any animal what would it be?

A human, unless that doesn’t count. If it doesn’t count, then a bird of some kind probably. A raven? Do I still get to have my normal smarts? Maybe a macaw… idk.

2. what’s your favorite book (or few favorites if you can’t pick)?

Just one? Ugh. *looks through 5-star ratings on goodreads*

Surely You’re Joking Mr Feyman

Fav series: Temeraire

3. are you afraid of any common “creepy” animals (spiders, snakes, rats, etc)? which one(s)?


4. what internet browser do you use?


5. did/do you like going to school? why or why not?

Yes because I was good at it, that’s where my friends were, and I learned neat stuff.

6. what is your favorite cartoon character (anime doesn’t count!)?

Stanley Pines

7. do you prefer floral scented candles and soaps or sweet/food scented?

Sweet/food - vanilla, chocolate, doosh-dul-loosh, honey

8. is there any jewelry you wear that you rarely/never remove? what is it?

I don’t even own any jewelry.

9. would you rather be able to run really really fast AND not get sweaty or be able to drive really really well?

I can already drive really well. Do I lose that skill if I choose the running one? Would I run as fast as a car? This question is too hard.

10. what do you usually wear to bed?

A pair of boxer shorts

11. what’s your favorite snack food?



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My questions:

1. How often do you actually use your phone for voice calls? What percentage of the amount of time you use it at all?

2. Whats your favorite Garbage Pail Kid?

3. What is your opinion on gluten?

4. What TV series have you watched every single episode of?

5. What is your most frequent convenience store purchase?

6. Do you think that conflict/fighting is essential for a healthy relationship? Why or why not?

7. If you could travel to any fictional setting, what would be your first stop?

8. What should I get on my next pizza?

9. What is the worst book you actually read from cover to cover?

10. Richard Attenborough or David Attenborough? Why?

11. What famous people have you met IRL?


pizza-kity asked: i tagged you in a thingy but mostly because i wanted to impress a senpai but it worked so thanks.... sorry for annoying you <3

You never annoy me and neither do these questionairre things.

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would you like to buy some turnips


would you like to buy some turnips

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